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The Bundles page in the user inteface can be used to install "bundles" created by developers. Bundles are a single ZIP file containing any number of apps, drivers, and/or libraries that the developer has packaged into this single file.

To import a bundle

  1. Select the Import ZIP button (towards the top of the page).
  2. Choose either Upload file (to upload a ZIP file you have already downloaded) or Download from a URL (if the developer has provided a URL for installation; select This is a private pro installer bundle only if the developer has specified this option, and enter a ZIP file password (optional) only if the file creator specified one).
  3. Select Import and wait for the process to finish. The text Bundle imported will appear at the bottom of the dialog when the process is complete, and the dialog will close shortly afterwards. You will then see the bundle in the table on the Bundles page.

To remove a bundle

  1. Select the name of the bundle (under the Name column) in the table.
  2. Select the Delete button.

To create a bundle (for developers)

If you are a developer looking to crete a bundle, keep in mind that bundles are simply a way to package apps, drivers, and/or libraries in a single ZIP file. You must already have the code for these apps, drivers, or libraries created or installed under Apps Code, Drivers Code, or Libraries Code.

  1. Select New Bundle.
  2. Provide a Name and Namespace for your bundle. As with apps, drivers, and libraries, the name and namespace must be unique on the hub (if another bundle with the same name and namespace is uploaded to a hub, the new bundle will overwrite the matching bundle), and each developer will generally use a unique namespace.
  3. Choose the desired libraries, drivers, and apps to include in the bundle from the Libraries, Device drivers, and Apps drop-downs (check the box next to the desired app, driver, or library code).
  4. If necessary, rearrange the Install order or Update order for the selected libraries, drivers, or apps.
    • The installation order for a bundle in general is always libraries, then drivers, then apps, but individual libraries, drivers, and apps, can be installed (for the first time) or updated (for later bundle uploads) in the specified order.
    • For example, if you have two pieces of apps code and they are a parent/child app, the parent app code should be installed first.
  5. Select Save and export as ZIP to download a ZIP file of your bundle for distribution or upload. Alternatively, select Save to simply save these bundle selections on this hub.