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With the Device Firmware Updater app, you may update your Z-Wave devices by downloading the appropriate firmware files from the manufacturer and store them directly on the hub for easy access. Supports securely joined devices and firmware file types HEX, OTZ, BIN, and GBL.

NOTE: Due to limitations of the former Z-Wave protocol version, this application is only compatible with Model C-7 hubs.


  1. Z-wave device that is Over the Air capable and supports Firmware Update MD Command Class V1-4
  2. Good connectivity between the device and your Hubitat Elevation hub.


  • Z-Wave devices are region specific. Make certain you have the firmware file that is correct for your region.
  • Some devices will require Exclude and Include when the firmware update process is complete.

Installing the Device Firmware Updater app

  1. From the sidebar of your hub, select Apps and press the Add Built-In App button.
    Install Built-In App 2.0.png
  2. Choose Device Firmware Updater from the list of Hubitat Elevation built-In apps.
    Install Device Firmware Updater.png

Uploading device firmware to the hub

  1. Download the device manufacturer firmware update file and store it on your computer. Supported firmware file types are HEX, OTZ, BIN, and GBL.
    • NOTE: Hubitat does not supply device firmware update files. You must obtain these directly from the device manufacturer.
  2. Press the Update button to reveal the Choose File button, then navigate to the correct firmware update file for your device.
    Firmware update file selected.png
  3. Press the Upload button and confirm the file upload was successful before proceeding.
    Firmware upload confirmation.png
  4. Press the Back button, or the Done button to return to the main menu.
    Navigate back after firmware upload.png
  5. Press the Update Z-Wave Firmware button.
    Update Z-Wave Firmware button.png
  6. Select the device for firmware update and choose the target firmware version to update.
    Select target device for firmware update.png
  7. Select the device firmware update file you uploaded to the hub, then press the Start Firmware Update button.
    Select device firmware file and start update.png
    • IMPORTANT: Battery powered devices frequently "Sleep" to preserve battery power, and you may need to "Wake" them a few times before the process can complete. Refer to the manufacturer instruction manual to determine the wake mechanism for your particular device. You must also disable the device driver for "sleepy" devices to prevent wakeupNoMoreInformation from being sent during the update process. Mains powered devices are not "sleepy" and do not require their driver be disabled.
      Requesting firmware transfer start.png
      Starting transfer of firmware image.png
      Starting update on Node.png
    • NOTE: Some devices will update very slowly when device security is enabled. Additionally, the firmware update protocol is designed to ease-off if there is an increase in network activity. Factors such as network conditions, the number of hops from the hub to the device, and distance will all have an influence on the amount of time required to complete the firmware update. The maximum size of a frame is 64 bytes. The protocol header and checksum takes 10 bytes in a single cast, leaving 54 bytes for the payload. An S0 security enabled single cast takes 20 bytes as overhead. The maximum dataLength field depends on the transmit options and whether a nonsecure or secure frame is used. Therefore if there is no security enabled, the firmware can be sent to the device in larger chunks and the overall update process will be faster.
      Update 2 percent complete.png
      Firmware update 26 percent complete.png
      Firmware update 100 percent complete.png
      Sent last fragment waiting for device.png
      Transfer 100 percent confirmation.png
      Firmware update complete.png
  8. Press Done to exit the Device Firmware Updater. For best results, you should power cycle your device AFTER the firmware update is complete.
    Press Done to exit Firmware updater.png