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Hubitat™ Simple lighting is designed to be, yes, the simplest way to automate the lights in your home. You can control both lights and switches and easily select a wide range of triggers to turn them on or off. Let’s get started with a rule that turns our dining room light on when there is motion and turns them back off when motion stops for 3 minutes.
#In the ''Apps'' page of your Hubitat Web Interface, open the Simple Lighting App.
#Click on ''Create New Simple Lighting Rule''
#Click to set ''Which Lights Do You Want To Control?'' Check all lights that apply and click ''save''.
#Two new options will appear. First select ''What do you want to do'' with the lights. You can choose to turn them On, Off, On & Set Level (if you have a dimmer), or Toggle.
#Next, select ''How Do You Want to Trigger the Action?'' You will be presented with a variety of trigger types based on the devices in your system. Select the trigger type you desire, then check the specific devices you want to trigger this rule. You also have the option to turn on the lights at a specific time, at sunrise/sunset or when a selected mode changes.
#Some devices, such as motion detectors, will ask if you’d like to ''Turn Off When Motion Stops'' (Conversely, if you selected ''off'' originally, this will automatically turn the lights ''on''). The default it Off. Motion sensors will also have the option to ''delay this action''. This will delay the lights from turning off until motion has not been sensed for the number of minutes you select.
#Your Simple Lighting rule has automatically named itself based on the inputs you have selected. If you’d life to give it a different name, click on the toggle next to ''Edit Rule Name'' and go nuts.
#If you click on the ''restrictions'' button, you will be presented with a number options to limit when your rule activates:
#*'''Only Between Two Times''' - Your rule will only be active during certain times of the day.
#*'''Only on certain days of the week''' - Select the days you want the rule active.
#*'''Only when mode is''' - Select the modes when you want this rule active.
#*'''Only when illuminance is''' - Here you will select an illuminance sensor and select if you want the rule active above or below a certain light level.
#*'''Switch to disable Simple Lighting Rule''' - Select a switch that will disable this simple lighting rule.
#When you are satisfied with your Simple Lighting rule selections, click the ''Done'' button.

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