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The Hubitat Lock Code Manager app allows you to add and manage users on supported locks, set access limits or completely block access privileges. Keypads are also supported.

Installing Hubitat Lock Code Manager

  1. From the Hubitat Web Interface select Apps and then Add
    Install Built-In App 2.0.png
  2. Choose Lock Code Manager from the list of Hubitat Elevation™ built-In apps.
    Install LCM 2.0.png
  3. Select Done to complete the installation.
    LCM post install step 2.0.png

Renaming users

  1. On first run, Lock Code Manager attempts to automatically import existing codes from your locks and keypads. If no existing codes have been imported, an option to manually retrieve codes will appear. NOTE: Please remember that while locks may support up to 8 digits, stand-alone keypads only support 4 digit codes.
    LCM Retrieve codes 2.0.png
  2. Imported codes will not have names associated unless programmed via the driver in advance. Lock Code Manager allows you to easily assign and change names. NOTE: Schlage locks do not allow the export of any existing codes. To use Lock Code Manager with Schlage locks, it is recommended to delete the existing codes on the lock and instead enter them via Lock Code Manager or the lock driver so they will be readable by Lock Code Manager.
    LCM initial code capture 2.0.png
  3. Select the slot you would like to change, then tap or click the empty space at the bottom to refresh the page and move to the next step.
    LCM Rename the user step 1.png
  4. Select the Rename this user button to complete the process and rename the user. DO NOT select the Done button unless you want to cancel the process.
    LCM rename the user 2.0.png
    LCM User name change confirmed 2.0.png
    LCM User successfully renamed 2.0.png

Assigning and changing user access privileges

  1. To change a user's access privileges, select the user name from the list of existing users.
    LCM Modify a user slot 2.0.png
  2. Select User Option to modify privileges.
    LCM change user access option 2.0.png
  3. Once an option is selected, a button with the option name will appear below it.
    LCM Choose access option 2.0.png
  4. Select the button to enter the settings for the user's access privileges where applicable.
    LCM modify access options 2.0.png
  5. Set the parameters for access. For example, this user's access shown below will expire on January 1, 2019 at 8pm. Select the Done button to continue.
    LCM Disable by date example 2.0.png
  6. Select the Update user code options button to make the change to a user's access privileges.