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In order to connect your Lutron devices to your Hubitat Elevation® network you will need a Lutron Smart Bridge Pro, RA2 Select Main Repeater or RA2 Main Repeater. Follow the manufacturer’s instruction to connect your devices to the Smart Bridge Pro, RA2 Select or RA2 Main Repeater, then follow these steps to connect your Smart Bridge Pro, RA2 Select or RA2 Main Repeater to your Hubitat Elevation® Hub:

Installing the Lutron Integrator

  1. From the Hubitat Web Interface select Apps
    Install Built-In App 2.0.png
  2. Choose Lutron Integrator from the list of Hubitat Elevation® Built-In Apps
    Install Lutron Integrator app.png

Gathering required information

You will be required to enter information from your Lutron Smart Bridge Pro during the creation of a new Caséta integration. All the necessary information can be found in the Lutron app.

  1. Open the Lutron app on your mobile device and tap the gear icon at the top left to open Settings.
    Lutron app open settings.png
  2. Tap Advanced to access the Advanced Settings
    Lutron app Advanced settings.png
  3. Tap Integration
    Lutron app Integration settings.png
  4. Ensure that Telnet Support is enabled.
    Lutron - Enable Telnet Support.png
    Hubitat Elevation® uses the speed and reliability of the telnet feature found only on the Lutron Caséta Smart Bridge Pro, Lutron RA2 Select Main Repeater and RA2 Main Repeater. This elevates your Lutron devices with an integration potential that would not otherwise be possible. Therefore Telnet Support must be enable to use Lutron devices with your Hubitat Elevation® hub. The standard Lutron Caséta Smart Bridge (non-Pro) is not supported since integrations with that bridge are cloud only.
  5. Tap Network Settings and write down the IP address of your Lutron Smart Bridge Pro, then tap < Integration at the top left to navigate back.
    Lutron Smart Bridge Pro IP setup.png
  6. Tap Send Integration Report.
    Lutron - Send Integration Report.png
    Lutron Integration Report.png
    This is where you will find the names and Lutron Integration ID numbers for each of your attached Lutron devices. Selecting this option will create a draft email on your mobile device which you can email to yourself. If you only have a few devices, you can simply make note of their device names and Lutron Integration ID numbers, and then close the draft email without sending.

Create a New Caséta/RA2 Integration

  1. Open the Lutron Integrator app.
  2. Select Create New Caseta/RA2 Integration
    Lutron - New Caseta Integration.png
  3. Name your Lutron integration and enter the IP address of your Lutron Smart Bridge Pro.
    Lutron Integrator Smart Bridge Pro settings.png
  4. Next you will need to select all of the Lutron devices you want to connect with your Hubitat Elevation®. If you only have a handful of devices, it is easiest to just choose the Select Lutron Devices button.
    1. Name your device
    2. Select the type of device
      Lutron Integration devices types.png
    3. Enter the Lutron integration ID
    4. Repeat for every device you want to add
      Lutron devices setup.png
  5. If you have dozens of devices, it may be quicker to toggle on Use configuration list instead of interactive setup. Here you will enter your devices in a list with each device on its own line in this format: devicecode,id,name.
    Lutron Integrator configuration list.png
    NOTE: If you have already setup your Lutron Integrator app using either the interactive device entry method, when you select Use configuration list instead of interactive setup, the Lutron Integrator app will automatically convert from the previous setup to the new configuration list. Once this has been done, you may not go back to the interactive.
  6. When you are finished adding devices, press Done.

You will now be able to use your connected Lutron devices in Button Controller, Rule Machine®, Simple Lighting and other apps. When you add new Lutron devices, you will need to first add them to the Lutron Smart Bridge Pro via the Lutron app, then return to the Lutron Integrator app to connect the devices to your Hubitat Elevation® hub.

Note for RadioRA2 Users

If using Essentials / Inclusive software version 12.2.1 or later, you must set the telnet credentials for the main repeater to be:

   Username:  lutron
   Password:  integration