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Take mobile control with the Hubitat Elevation App!

  • Access Dashboards to monitor and control devices, arm or disarm Hubitat Safety Monitor, change Modes and more.
  • Easily add family members for mobile presence detection and push notifications.
  • Define a Geofence for Mobile Presence detection based on phone location. The Geofence center defaults to your hub location but can be dragged to any location and the radius set.
  • Advanced High Accuracy Presence settings can send presence only while in motion and validate location on network change.
  • Receive Push Notifications from Hubitat Elevation apps.
  • Direct link to Documentation.
  • Setup and administer the hub anytime on a local network, or while away from home with a secure Remote Admin subscription.
    • NOTE: Remote Admin is an optional subscription service and is not required to access your hub from a local network.
Download the Hubbitat Elevation iOS App from the App StoreDownload the Hubbitat Elevation Android App from the Google Play Store

These apps are not for the direct administration of the hub. Administration should be done via the portal or the local IP address of the hub.

*About Remote Access - Out of the box, you can connect to a hub from the mobile app or web browser connected to the same local network. By adding Remote Admin, you can access all of your hubs, including your rules, apps, device info and settings from anywhere with internet service. Remote Admin is password protected using our secure servers to maintain your privacy and works on mobile devices, tablets and computers with a web browser. All home automation processing remains local on your hub for speed and reliability. Remote Admin subscription renewal may be cancelled any time and your subscription will remain active until the end of the subscription period.