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The Modes settings page is where you can add or remove modes. Modes are essentially a hub-wide variable/state available for use in certain apps; for example, some apps can be restricted to run only when the hub is in a certain mode (see below for more).

The "Modes" tab of the "Location and Modes" settings page allows you to [E], manually set the current mode, update or remove existing modes, or [F], add new modes


Your current modes will all be listed here (E). To change a mode name, type in the new name and select Update, or select Delete to remove the mode. Modes can be changed in an automated fashion by creating rules in Mode Manager or Rule Machine®. You can also add a Mode tile to your Hubitat® Dashboard for quick access to change modes manually.

Add New Mode

This is where you create new modes (F). Type the name of the new mode and select Create. This new mode can also be automated (e.g., set at a certain time) with Mode Manager or other apps.