How to manage accounts linked to your hub

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Follow these steps to create Guest accounts, or remove accounts linked to your hub.

Creating new guest login accounts

  1. Press the Hubitat Elevation logo to navigate to the home screen.
    Web Interface Nav 1 v2.png
  2. Select the My Account card. This will take you to
    Navigate to My Account from web UI.png
  3. If you are already logged into an existing account, press the icon at the top right and select Create New Account.
    Create new Hub user account- 3rd gen portal.png
  4. Select the Create Account link.
    Create a new user account.png
  5. Enter an email address and a secure password for the person you want to add as a guest user of your hub.
    Create Guest Account v2.png
  6. Check the newly added user's email account for the confirmation code.
    Registration verification sent v2.png
  7. The email sender is
    • NOTE: Check your email SPAM or JUNK folders if you cannot find the email in your inbox.
      Add user account verification email preview v2.png
      Add user account verification email v4.png
  8. Enter the verification code from the email and press the Confirm Code button.
    Enter code for email verification v2.png
  9. Log out of the newly created guest account.
    Log out of portal.png
  10. Log in again with your administrator account.
    Hubitat Portal version 3 login page.png
  11. Select the Registered Hubs card to show a list of your hubs that are registered.
    View Registered hubs v3.png
  12. Select Hub Details.
    Select Hub Details v2.png
  13. Enter the email address of a registered user.
    • NOTE: If the user you wish to add is not registered, log out of your account and return to Step 4 above to select the Create Account link.
      Enter guest user.png
  14. The new guest account has been added to your hub. You can press the icon to the right of the account Role column if you want to remove the account from your hub.
    Guest user added v2.png