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Thermostat Scheduler allows you to establish schedules to control the heating and cooling set-points of a selected thermostat. You can also manually control the set-point, EcoMode, and hold setting of a selected thermostat.

IMPORTANT: Thermostat Scheduler is intended for use with thermostats that either do not have schedules, or have their schedules disabled. For a thermostat with its own schedules, there would potentially be a conflict between the thermostat schedules and those established in Thermostat Scheduler.

Installing Thermostat Scheduler

  1. From the sidebar of your hub, select Apps and press the Add Built-In App button.
    Install Built-In App 2.0.png
  2. Choose Thermostat Scheduler from the list of Hubitat Elevation Built-In Apps.
    Install Thermostat Scheduler.png
  3. Select the thermostat for scheduling.
    Thermostat Scheduler - Select thermostat.png

Set thermostat scheduling and options

You may establish a schedule for a selected thermostat by either Days of the week and Times, or by Modes.

NOTE: It is not possible to mix the two types of schedules. Both types allow the option of EcoMode adjustments when the mode is Away, but only one type (either Day/Time based or Mode based scheduling may be in effect at a time.

Days/times scheduling

There are four predefined day periods: Wake, Leave, Return, and Night. You can remove and add times with any defined name you like. The time for each period to begin and Day of the Week, or Groups of Days (i.e. Mon,Tue,Wed,Thu,Fri with one time setting, and Sat,Sun with another time setting. Times may be specific times or sunrise/sunset based times. For each scheduling period, both heating and cooling set-points may be defined.

Thermostat scheduler set time and day based.png
Thermostat scheduler day of week options.png
Thermostat scheduler time based setting.png

Enabling the Use setpoints for Away option, you can define how your thermostat should adjust the set-points when the hub mode is Away, but still use day and time based scheduling when you are not away from home.

Thermostat scheduler time based with Away setpoints.png

Modes scheduling

Heating and cooling set-points may be defined for each of your hub modes. A schedule for mode changes would be established in Mode Manager. Mode Manager also allows day-of-week specific scheduling.

Thermostat scheduler set mode based.png
Thermostat scheduler mode based.png

EcoMode Offset

EcoMode provides a selectable number of degrees by which to adjust the set-points when the mode becomes Away, or changes from Away to some other mode. When the mode becomes Away, the heating set-point is reduced by the selected offset, and the cooling set-point is increased by the selected offset. Upon the mode changing from Away, the set-points are returned to their prior settings.

Thermostat Scheduler Set EcoMode Offset.png
Thermostat scheduler EcoMode offset.png

Set-point Separation

If you are using Auto mode, enter the Required Set-point Separation. This will prevent endless cycling between cooling and heating when their respective set-points have been reached, but slightly exceeded.

Thermostat Scheduler Setpoint Separation.png

Manual adjustment

Press on the Thermostat Scheduler Manual Set-point field to make manual changes to your selected thermostat.

Thermostat Scheduler manual setpoints.png
Thermostat Scheduler manual setting.png

Optional Restrictions

You may establish restricted time periods, days of the week, or a specific mode when your therwemostat can adjusted by schedule. You can also disable scheduling with a switch, or disable the entire thermostat with a switch.

Thermostat Scheduler Optional Restrictions.png