Amazon Echo Skill v1

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Connecting your Hubitat Elevation™ to your Amazon Echo or Alexa compatible device is an easy way to add voice control to your home automations. Using the Hubitat Elevation™ skill allows you to control switches and dimmers. You will need to own an Amazon Echo or an Alexa compatible device, and have the app loaded on your mobile device to set up the Amazon Echo skill:

  1. Open your Amazon Alexa App on your mobile decide
  2. Tap skills and games in the main menu
  3. Search for Hubitat
    Alexa skill search.PNG
  4. Tap enable on the Hubitat Elevation™ Alexa Skill
  5. The app will ask if you want it to discover your devices. After your devices are discovered, it will ask which devices you’d like to add. You can can them individually or all at once.
    Alexa skill discover.png
  6. Once your devices are discovered and added, you will be able to control them with your voice. Currently the only smart features Alexa is capable of controlling are on/off switches and dimmer levels. You can also go into the Amazon Echo Skill app in your Hubitat Web Interface at anytime to change or add the devices you would like to control via your Echo or Alexa compatible device.