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Provided Methods


Subscribe to events sent from a device, app or location.
void subscribe(Object thing, handlerMethod)
void subscribe(Object thing, String attributeName, handlerMethod, Map options = null)
thing - The device, installed app or location to subscribe to.
handlerMethod - The method to run when an event is received.
attributeName - The name of the attribute to subscribe to.
options - Optional values to configure the subscribe. Possible values:
filterEvents - Used for device subscriptions. Set to false to receive all events, defaults to true and events that do not have a changed value will not be processed.


Unsubscribe from events sent from a device or all event subscriptions.
void unsubscribe()
void unsubscribe(DeviceWrapper device)
void unsubscribe(List<DeviceWrapper> deviceList)
void unsubscribe(DeviceWrapper device, String attributeName) (Since 2.0.7)
void unsubscribe(List<DeviceWrapper> deviceList, String attributeName) (Since 2.1.0)
void unsubscribe(DeviceWrapper device, String attributeName, String handlerMethod) (Since 2.1.0)
void unsubscribe(List<DeviceWrapper> deviceList, String attributeName, String handlerMethod) (Since 2.1.0)
void unsubscribe(InstalledAppWrapper installedApp) (Since 2.1.2)
void unsubscribe(Location location) (Since 2.1.2)
void unsubscribe(Location location, String attributeName) (Since 2.1.2)
void unsubscribe(String handlerMethod) (Since 2.1.2)
device - The device to unsubscribe from.
deviceList - A list of devices to unsubscribe from.
attributeName - which attribute you want to unsubscribe from.
handlerMethod - The name of a method which was subscribed to a device event.
location - The location to unsubscribe from.
installedApp - The installed app to unsubscribe from.

User Defined Methods


This method is called when the app is first installed.
void installed()


This method is called when the preferences of an installed app are updated.
void updated()


This method is called when the app is uninstalled. This method can be used to do any cleanup that is necessary.
void uninstalled()

Additional to be documented

Map getState()
String getHubUID()
String getApiServerUrl()
String getFullApiServerUrl()
String apiServerUrl(String url)
String getLocalApiServerUrl()
String getFullLocalApiServerUrl()
String localApiServerUrl(String url)
String fullLocalApiServerUrl(String url)
void setLocationMode(String mode)
String createAccessToken()
void pause(Long millisecs)
InstalledAppWrapper getParent()
InstalledAppWrapper addChildApp(String namespace, String name, String label, Map properties = null)
void deleteChildApp(Long childAppId)
ChildDeviceWrapper getChildDevice(String deviceNetworkId)
List<ChildDeviceWrapper> getChildDevices()
List<ChildDeviceWrapper> getAllChildDevices()
ChildDeviceWrapper addChildDevice(String namespace, String typeName, String deviceNetworkId, Long hubId = null, Map properties = null)
void deleteChildDevice(String deviceNetworkId)
DeviceWrapper getSubscribedDeviceById(Long deviceId)
void sendEvent(Map properties)
void sendEvent(DeviceWrapper device, Map properties)
void sendEvent(String dni, Map properties)
List<Event> getLocationEventsSince(String attributeName, Date startDate, Map options = null)
void subscribe(Object thing, String attributeName, handlerMethod, Map options = null)
void subscribe(Object thing, handlerMethod)
void sendSms(String phone, String message)
void sendSmsMessage(String phone, String message)
List<InstalledApp> getAllChildApps()
List<InstalledApp> getChildApps()
InstalledAppWrapper getChildAppById(Long childAppId)
InstalledAppWrapper getChildAppByLabel(String childAppLabel)