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The App Status page is where you will find detailed information about the app capabilities, the capability type, and its value specified in the app preferences.


These are the values for what is set inside the application, the inputs, checkboxes, enums, and device selections. This shows all available settings for the app, but may not always contain a Value.

App Title is shown at the top of the App Status page. It may also show the app state for certain apps such as Hubitat™ Safety Monitor (i.e. Armed or Disarmed) and [true] or [false] for Rule Machine® rules.

Name is a list of the capabilities and app has. Some examples of this would be the capability of Hubitat™ Safety Monitor to flash lights or send an SMS text message when a water leak is detected.

Type shows what the capability type is, such as button, mode, or phone in the case of the SMS text messaging capability.

Value displays the current settings of one of the app capabilities. For example, a Rule Machine® rule has the capability to turn a switch off and if you specify a switch which a rule should turn off, that switch name(s) will be listed in the value field the that capability.

App Status - Settings 2.png

Event Subscriptions

These are any subscription the app has that will be triggered.

Source for the Event Subscription might be a device, mode, location, etc.

Event is what has been subscribed to.

Handler is the method inside the code that will be called when the event is triggered.

Filter corresponds to sendEvent from the device driver, and whether or not it has true/false filter events.

App Status - Event Subscriptions.png

Application State

This is the data storage of the app. Anything written to State will show up here as a pairing of Name and Value.

App Status - Applications State.png

Scheduled Jobs

Handler is what will be triggered.

Next Run Time is when the Handler is scheduled to run.

Prev Run Time will show the last time the Handler was run.

Status shows if the Job is PENDING or ACTIVE. Typically, this will show PENDING.

Schedule is the frequency of the job. Once, every x or a cron schedule are possible values.

App Status - Scheduled Jobs.png