App Status v1

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The App Status page is where you will find detailed information about the app capabilities, the capability type, and its value specified in the app preferences.

  • App Title (A) is shown at the top of the App Status page. It may also show the app state for certain apps such as Hubitat™ Safety Monitor (i.e. Armed or Disarmed) and [true] or [false] for Rule Machine rules.
  • Name (B) is a list of the capabilities and app has. Some examples of this would be the capability of Hubitat™ Safety Monitor to flash lights or send an SMS text message when a water leak is detected.
  • Type (C) shows what the capability type is, such as button, mode, or phone in the case of the aforementioned SMS text messaging capability.
  • Value (D) displays the current settings of one of the app capabilities. For example, a Rule Machine rule has the capability to turn a switch off and if you specify a switch which a rule should turn off, that switch name(s) will be listed in the value field the that capability.