Automating your Devices v1

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Once you get some devices connected, you’ll want to start automating them. Hubitat Elevation™ include several build-in apps for building rules that let you create both simple and complex automations. Selecting the right app for the automation you are creating can make building your rules faster and easier. These built-in apps include:

Simple Lighting- ideal for most simple automations that turn lights on or off using a trigger such as a contact sensor, mode or a specific time.

Motion Lighting- this streamlined app lets you set dim levels, delays and a host of other options for your motion-activated lighting.

Hubitat™ Safety Monitor- Set intrusion alarms or automatic alerts for things such as smoke, CO2 or waker leaks.

Rule Machine- For more complex rules with multiple conditions and devices, Rule Machine lets you create almost any automation you desire.

Once you select the app you want to use, The first step to automation is to load your selected automation app.

  1. Open up the Apps page in the Hubitat Web Interface.
  2. Click the Load New App button.
    Load app button.png
  3. Click the app you wish to load.
    App list.png
  4. You will now be in the app and ready to build your automation. You'll find documentation for the app you selected in the Main Page.