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It is important to remember that your Hubitat Elevation™ hub is a computer and should be treated as such. This means shutting your hub down safely, keeping it updated with the latest platform updates, and storing regular backups.

Because of our belief in local processing and maintaining your personal privacy, Hubitat Elevation™ does not push updates onto your hub. It is strongly recommended you regularly update your hub with the latest software for the latest features and security protection.

How to update your hub

  1. Click on Settings in your Hubitat Web Interface.
  2. Click Check for Updates.
    Check for updates 2.0.png
  3. If an update is available, click Update Hub.
    Hub 2.0 update available.png
  4. Accept the Terms of Service.
    Hubitat Elevation TOS 2.0.png
  5. Your hub will go through the installation process automatically. This process may take several minutes. When the install is complete, you will be brought back to the home page of the Hubitat Web Interface.
    Hub 2.0 download progress.png
    Hub 2.0 applying update.png
    Hub 2.0 initializing.png

How to Shut Down Your Hub

Occasionally you may want to move your hub or power it down. It is important to shut it down properly to keep it running smoothly when you power it back up. Here’s how:

  1. Go to the Settings page in your Hubitat Web Interface.
  2. Click the Shutdown Hub.
    Shut down your hub 2.0.png
  3. Wait until the LED on your hub turns red. It is now safe to unplug your hub. To restart your hub, simply plug it back in.

How to Reboot Your Hub

If your hub is not performing as expected, there's a good chance that a reboot may be required. To reboot properly:

  1. Go to the Settings page in your Hubitat Web Interface.
  2. Click the Reboot Hub.
    Reboot your hub 2.0.png
  3. You will be asked to confirm the reboot. The hub will then automatically cycle through its rebooting process. After a few minutes, hit refresh on your browser and you'll be back in business.

How to Backup Your Hub

Your Hubitat Elevation™ hub automatically generates a backup every day at 3:00am in your local time zone. These backups are stored on the hub for five days. After making changes to your hub (adding devices, automations, etc.), it is a good idea to do a manual backup and download it to your computer or storage device.

  1. Go to the Settings page in your Hubitat Web Interface.
  2. Select the Backup and Restore button.
    Backup and Restore button 2.0.png
  3. Select the Download button under the Create New Backup and Download Manually section (you can also download any of the automatic backups that have been stored). The backup will be saved on your computer, which can be uploaded later to restore your hub to its current state if you desire.
    Backup database 2.0.png

How to restore from backup

If you have made changes to your hub and want to go back to a previous saved backup, Hubitat Elevation™ makes it easy.

  1. Go to the Settings page in your Hubitat Web Interface.
  2. Select the Backup and restore button.
    Backup and Restore button 2.0.png
  3. If you want to restore to one of the Automatic backups stored on your hub, select the Restore button next to the backup file.
    Restore Daily Backups 2.0.png
  4. If you want to restore to a file saved on your computer, select the choose file button and choose the file you want to use.
    Restore from local backup 2.0.png
  5. Confirm the restore selection, and your Hubitat Elevation™ hub will reset with those settings.