Device Detail v1

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The Device Detail page contains detailed information about the device, allows you to edit device information and manually change the device state.

Device Status is where you will find the current state of your device, and it is comprised of different information depending on the capabilities of the device and its driver.

  • Commands (A) are buttons that allow you to manually change the state of the device or send parameters and driver specific data to the device.
  • Current Status (B) shows the current status of the device and can be as simple as "on" or "off", but it may also include other status readings such as battery level and temperature, etc.
  • State Variables (C) shows you the current stored values of the driver attributes. For example, the last stored activity or value from a variable such as temperature offset.
  • Preferences (D) is where you can disable or enable logging to help troubleshoot issues. This can be especially helpful to developers of custom code. Devices may also have some settings that you can configure here. Consult the device user manual or the custom driver developer for specifics on how to adjust these preferences. If you make an adjustments to any details, be sure to click save to store the new settings.