Device Events v1

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The Device Event page logs information about the device attributes, the values of those attributes, the value unit of measurement if applicable, description text when available, and whether the event was digital or physical. Not all devices types will have event information for all of the fields.

  • Name (A) column shows you the type of attribute valid for the device. For example, this may contain attribute names such as motion or temperature for a motion detector and pushed or held for a button device.
  • Value (B) shows the value of the device attribute. This could be anything from the measurements in Watts from a home energy monitor, to the number value corresponding to the specific button pressed on a button device.
  • Unit (C) when applicable, you can see the unit of measurement for the value shown from the device. For example, in the case of a temperature value, you may see ˚F or ˚C depending on the Temp Scale you set on the Location page, or in the driver if that preference setting is available to override the hub Location Temp Scale.
  • Description Text (D) show detail information about the event. As an example, you will see [switch name] was turned on or [switch name] was turned off, where [switch name] will be either the device name or the custom device label.
  • Type (E) is the type of event that has occurred. Not all devices will display an even type, but the switch drivers included with Hubitat Elevation™, will always show either physical if the switch is activated by physical interaction or digital if an event in the hub controlled the switch, such as a Rule Machine rule.
  • Date (F) is a detail time and date stamp of when the event occurred. This time and date stamp together with the event type can be very helpful information in determining if your device has been interacted with by physical manipulation (e.g. Somebody turned the light on) or by a digital event (i.e. A Rule Machine rule or app resulted in the device event that occurred.