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The Devices page gives you a complete list of all of the devices in your system. Check Type, Source, Device ID, Status and Last Activity at a glance or select Device Detail to edit or view detailed information about each device.

  • Name (A) - The device name or custom device label
  • Type - (B) The type of device (dimmer, motion sensor, etc.)
  • Source (C) - System built in driver or user created driver
  • Device Network ID (D) - This is the reference used by the controller for real devices, and by apps for virtual devices
  • Status (E) - Shows the current status of the device. Either Active, Inactive or Unknown.
  • Last Activity (F) - The date/time of the last registered activity of the device

At the top of the page there are options to Add Virtual Device, Discover Devices, or Search for a device by one of the above attributes.