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The Ecobee Integration app allow you to control your Ecobee 3 or later smart thermostat from Hubitat™ Dashboard or use the thermostat measurements and presence detection to create automations with Rule Machine.

To get started, you'll first need to register your thermostat with the Ecobee app or web portal before you can add it the Hubitat Ecobee Integration app.

Installing the Ecobee Integration App

  1. From the Hubitat Web Interface select Apps
    Install Built-In App 2.0.png
  2. Choose the Ecobee Integration from the list of Hubitat Elevation™ built-In apps
    Install Ecobee Integration app 2.0.png
  3. Login to the Ecobee Integration app with the same credentials you use for your thermostat
    Ecobee app login page 2.0.png
    Authorize Ecobee cloud connection.png
  4. Confirm your Ecobee 3 or later thermostat(s) and any available remote sensors appear in the Ecobee Integration app preferences
    Ecobee Integration app preferences 2.0.png

Using your Ecobee Integration with Hubitat Elevation™ Rule Machine or Hubitat™ Dashboard

Once your Ecobee 3 or later thermostat is connected and your devices appear in the Ecobee Integration app, you can now begin using it in your automations or access it directly from the Hubitat Web Interface or Hubitat™ Dashboard

Available Rule Machine actions include:

  • Thermostat mode: Auto, Heat, Cool, Off and Emergency Heat (for heat pump systems).
  • Set heating point: Your desired heating temperature.
  • Adjust heating point: The temperature difference from the heating set point where the system will call for heat.
  • Set cooling point: Your desired cooling temperature.
  • Adjust cooling point: The temperature difference from the cooling set point where the system will call for cooling
  • Fan setting: On or Auto.

Ecobee Driver settings supported for your Ecobee 3 or later thermostat may be adjusted from Hubitat™ Dashboard or via Rule Machine Custom Commands.

Note: Hubitat Elevation™ thermostat drivers may show certain options that do not apply to all thermostats.

The following Ecobee driver settings are supported:

Auto, Cool, Heat, Emgency Heat (for heat pumps), Fan Auto, Fan On, Off (System Off), Refresh (Poll the parent Ecobee app, Resume Program, Set Away, Set Cooling Setpoint, Set Heating Setpoint, Set Thermostat Fan Mode (On and Auto), Set Thermostat Mode (Off, Auto, Heat or Cool).

Creating a Rule Machine Action for your Ecobee 3 or later thermostat

  1. Choose your Rule Machine Action to control thermostat
    RM Thermostat actions 2.0.png
  2. Select your thermostat(s)
    Choose Ecobee in RM 2.0.png
  3. Choose the thermostat settings you want to adjust with your Rule Machine Action
    RM Ecobee settings 2.0.png

Creating and using Rule Machine custom commands with your thermostat

You can activate and change supported driver settings for your Ecobee 3 or later thermostat by using Rule Machine custom commands. These allow you to create automations for features beyond what is available in the Rule Machine Actions for thermostats.

  1. In the Hubitat Elevation™ Rule Machine app, select Create Custom Commands
    Create custom commands.png
  2. Select a capability to see a list of available custom commands for thermostats, then select your thermostat(s) from the list
    Select thermostat for custom command.png
  3. Once you have selected the thermostat(s), choose "Update" to continue creating custom commands
    Continue RM Custom Commands.png
  4. Select "New custom command..." to start creating
    Create new custom command.png
  5. Choose an available custom command for your Ecobee 3 or later thermostat.
    Select an Ecobee Custom Command 2.0.png
    Valid custom commands for Ecobee: auto, cool, emergencyHeat, fanAuto, fanOn, heat, off, refresh, resumeProgram, setAway, setCoolingSetpoint, setHeatingSetpoint, setThermostatFanMode, setThermostatMode Note: Certain custom commands are available for other thermostats, but are not valid for Ecobee. These include fanCirculate and setSchedule
  6. Some custom commands with require an associated parameter type to make them valid. For example, the custom command setThermostatMode will not be valid with specifying the mode, which in this case would be a String parameter.
    Choose Custom Command parameter.png
  7. Save your custom command
    Save custom command with parameters 2.0.png
    Custom command was added 2.0.png
    Valid strings for Ecobee custom commands: setThermostatFanMode (On and Auto) and setThermostatMode (Off, Auto, Heat or Cool)
  8. Saved custom commands are listed above the custom command capability.
    List of saved custom commands 2.0.png
  9. You may test your custom command (recommended) to ensure they function as expected before building a Rule Machine rule with them.
    Choose custom command to test 2.0.png

How to use custom commands in a Rule Machine rule

Once created, you may use your custom commands in as many rules as you wish, but they must first be selected as an Action in Rule Machine

  1. In the Actions of your rule, choose custom command
    Choose custom command in RM 2.0.png
  2. Select one your available saved custom commands for the rule Action
    Run custom command in RM 2.0.png