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Hubitat allows for opening and maintaining a connection to an event stream endpoint from the hub. All code needs to be contained in a driver, there is no option to open an event stream connection from an app. Hubitat provides methods to connect and disconnect to the endpoint, in addition it is required to create a method in the driver that accepts incoming messages (parse) and another method that will be called with any status updates for the endpoint (eventStreamStatus).


Hubitat Provided Methods


void connect(String url)
void connect(String url, [options (name/value pairs)])
url - The url to connect to.
options - Optional parameters to configure the web socket connection. Possible values:
pingInterval - The number of seconds to send a ping message. Defaults to 0 (disabled).
headers - A Map of key/value pairs to send as header values when connecting to the web socket server.


void close()
// Close connection

User defined methods

parse(String message) - This method is called with any incoming messages from the event stream server. This is a standard method for drivers.
eventStreamStatus(String message) - This method is called with any status messages from the event stream client connection (disconnections, errors during connect, etc)