How to Remove a Device v1

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Unlike other devices, removal of Z-wave devices require Hubitat Elevation™ to be placed in "exclusion" mode*. Excluding Z-wave devices you wish to remove is extremely important. Failure to exclude a Z-Wave device before removing it can slow your hub down as it is constantly searching for it. You will also not be able to add the device to another network until it is excluded here.

To Remove a Z-Wave Device

  1. Select the Settings link in your Hubitat Web Interface
  2. Select Z-Wave Details
  3. Select the Z-Wave Exclude button
  4. The hub is now ready to exclude your device. Follow the procedure in your device user manual to put the device in exclusion mode.
  • Note: this process requires access to the physical device and the device must be within range of Hubitat Elevation™ hub. If your device has permanently failed, the hub will present the option to Force Exclude, which will allow you to remove it from the hub.

Removal of other devices:

  1. Select the Devices link in your Hubitat Web Interface
  2. Choose the device you wish to remove
  3. Scroll down and select the Remove button
  4. Click Done to confirm that you wish to remove the device

Your device has now been permanently removed from the system, but you can add the device again later if you desire.