How to cancel subscription services

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If you need to cancel your subscription services, please follow the steps below.

  1. From your hub, press the Hubitat Elevation logo to go to the home page.
    Press the Hubbitat Elevation logo at the top-left of your Hub user interface to navigate to the Home Page
  2. Select the My Account card on the home page.
    Select the "My Account" card on the home page of your hub
  3. If you are not already logged in to the Hubitat Portal, please do so in order to continue.
    Login to the Hubbitat Portal
  4. Press the Subscriptions card.
    Select Subscriptions card.png
  5. Press the View button of the subscription you want to cancel.
    View Subscription Details v3.png
  6. Press Cancel  Subscription.
    Cancel Subscription v3.png
  7. When your subscription is successfully cancelled, the banner at the top of your subscription details will display the message, Your subscription has been cancelled but your service will be valid until the end of current billing cycle.
    • NOTE The service will show Pending Cancellation status for the remainder of the subscription period. If you change your mind during this period, you may Reactivate the service.
      Subscription successfully cancelled 2.png
      Subscription pending cancellation v2.png
  8. Select Manage Payments. If there are no active subscriptions remaining, a Delete button will be shown for the credit card on file.
    Subscription Manage Payments v2.png
    Credit card on file v2.png
  9. Confirmation of payment removal displays, Payment method deleted and No saved methods found in banners at the top of the page.
    Payment removal confirmed v2.png
  10. Once the  subscription period expires, and the order status is Cancelled (Pending Cancelation is no longer shown), the Registered page may still show the services are active and they will continue function for up to 24 hours.
    • In all cases, payments will have stopped immediately following cancellation and an email will be sent confirming the cancellation action.
      Registered Hubs subscription status.png
  11. 24 hours following cancellation, services may still show as active. By selecting Subscriptions from the sidebar of your hub you can sign-up again.
    Add Subscription services.png