How to correct a Multi Admin error

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Follow these steps to change your Hubitat Elevation to a single linked administrator account.

Remove additional Admin accounts

  1. If you receive a warning that your hub has multiple Admin accounts linked to it, you need to remove the additional accounts.
    Multi Admin Warning Banner v2.png
  2. Press the Hubitat Elevation logo to navigate to the home screen.
    Web Interface Nav 1 v2.png
  3. Select the My Account card. This will take you to
    Navigate to My Account from web UI v3.png
  4. Login to your account.
    Login to my hubitat.png
  5. Select the Registered Hubs card.
    View Registered hubs v4.png
  6. Look for the hub(s) with the warning message.
    Multi admin account remove warning v3.png
  7. Select the Hub Details button.
    Multiple admin accounts detected v5.png
  8. Press the icon shown to remove the additional admin account.
    Remove additional admin accounts v2.png
  9. Repeat Step 6 until you have only one Admin account for each of your hubs.