Hub Events v1

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Hub Events is where you will find detailed information about the events that have occurred within the Hubitat Elevation™ platform.

  • Name (A) is the event type. For example, deviceJoin when a new Z-Wave or Zigbee device is paired with the hub
  • Description (B) shows what event has occurred (i.e New Z-Wave device joined, or System startup with build:
  • Value (C) is a numerical identifier of hub event type. For example 1747 could represent the system Device ID of a Z-Wave device, or
  • Date (D) is a detail time and date stamp of when the event occurred. This time and date stamp together with the event type can be very helpful information in determining when a device was added to the system. For example, if your hub is suddenly not performing as expected and you know approximately when a drop in performance occurred, you may be able to trace such an event to a device joining the hub and take further steps to determine if the device is faulty.