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The Hub Login Security page is where you can create a user account to enforce password-protected access to your hub.

Note: This account is only to secure your local hub ui, it is not used to login to portal or the mobile app.

  1. To get started, go to Settings and select Hub Login Security.
    Hub Login Security.png
  2. Select +Add User
    Hub login security - Add User.png
    Add new user v2.1.png
    NOTE: The username and password are both case sensitive.
  3. Once created, you may edit the user password or password recovery email by selecting the pencil icon.
    Hub Login Security - Edit User v2.1.png
    Edit User v2.1.png
  4. To enable Hub Login Security and restrict login with a username and password, activate the Hub Login Security switch.
    Hub Login Security enabled.png
    You will be immediately required to login with the username and password you created. NOTE: Enforcing Hub Login Security may lock you out of your hub if you cannot remember the username and/or password you created. Ensure your recovery email is accessible and up to date.
    Hub Security Logout v2.1.png
  5. When you are logged in, your user name will appear at the top of the sidebar.
    Logged in username v2.1.png
  6. Select the drop-down menu arrow to reveal the Log Out option.
    Hub Security Log Out.png
  7. To disable Hub Login Security, turn off the switch and login with your password.
    Disable Hub Login Security.png