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The Hubitat Diagnostic Tool is a built-in application of every Hubitat Elevation™ hub, which runs independently of the main platform and provides owners with helpful tools to restore the hub platform, set the date and time, reboot, safely shutdown, temporarily disable apps, drivers or devices that may be causing issues, or to reset the hub. While several of these functions are accessible through the Hubitat Web Interface, they are duplicated here in situations where accessing the Hubitat Web interface isn't possible.

Accessing the Hubitat Diagnostic Tool

  1. Navigate to http://[Your Hub IP]:8081/ and you will see the Hubitat Diagnostic Tool* main page.
    • NOTE: (Replace [Your Hub IP] with the IP address of your hub)
  2. Choose the option you require. If you are not already logged in, you will be prompted to log in.
    Diagnostic Tool.png
    • IMPORTANT: For your privacy protection, the login is set to timeout periodically. If you see Error 401 displayed, please Log Out of the Diagnostic Tool, then close all your browser's windows and log back in using the hub's MAC address. The password is the MAC address which you can find by going to Settings in your Hubitat Web Interface and choosing Hub Details. If you are unable to access your hub from the Hubitat Web Interface, you can find the MAC address printed on a sticker on the bottom of your hub.
      Diag tool login.png
      Hub Diag Tool Login v2.png

Restore Previous Version

Returns the hub platform to the previous version with the existing database intact. If you experience issues with your hub and suspect a recent update, this is the first step to test for issues related to a recent release.

Diag Tool-Restore Previous.png
Rollback to previous version.png

Set Hub Date and Time

If you are unable to synchronize the hub date and time with your browser from the Hubitat Web Interface, you can do it from the diagnostic tool.

Diag tool-Set date and time.png
  1. Press the Update Time button to set your hub time, to be in sync with your browser time.
  2. Select the refresh button to see the change.
    Date and time on hub.png

Reboot Hub

If the Hubitat Web Interface is unresponsive, you can try rebooting from the diagnostic tool.

Diag tool-Reboot Hub.png
Reboot hub confirmation.png

Shutdown Hub

If the Hubitat Web Interface is unresponsive, you can try shutting down your hub from the diagnostic tool.

IMPORTANT: Make sure the light on the front of your hub is Red, and then unplug your hub from its power source for a minimum of 30 seconds before plugging it back in.

Diag tool-Shutdown hub.png
Shutdown hub confirmation.png

Safe Mode

If you find yourself in the situation where an app such as a Rule Machine® rule has been mistakenly built in a way that creates a loop and cannot be deleted from the Hubitat Web Interface, the hub may be restarted into Safe Mode. This disables User and Built-In apps and devices, the scheduler is halted, the listener for LAN messages is stopped, connection to the Hubitat cloud is disabled, the UPnP listener is halted, and all Zigbee and Z-Wave devices are disabled.

Enable Safe Mode.png
Restart in Safe Mode.png

Soft Reset

A soft reset will remove the main hub's database, allowing users to restore a previous backup. This process does not reset the Zigbee or Z-Wave radios. You could restore a backup after performing a soft reset, so you can continue to control your existing devices. See the Soft Reset documentation for more detail.

Diag Tool-Soft Reset.png
Soft reset confirmation.png

Full Reset

WARNING: Performing a Full Reset will return the hub to initial settings. Zigbee and Z-Wave radios will be reset, and cloud connections will no longer work without registering again. If your hub is not functioning correctly, consider a Soft Reset instead and manually reset each radio. See the Full Reset documentation for more detail.

Diag tool-Full Reset.png
Full reset confirmation.png

Missing Diagnostic Tool

The following two steps are required if you you do not have the newest "Hubitat Diagnostic Tool" installed, or otherwise don't see the Full Reset option when accessing it from port 8081.

  1. Navigate to http://[Your Hub IP]/hub/cloud/installLatestUpdateTool and it will install the latest Hubitat Diagnostic Tool.
    • NOTE: Replace [Your Hub IP] with the IP address of your hub.
  2. Proceed to http://[Your Hub IP]:8081 and then continue following the steps in this document.