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The Kasa Integration allows you to import TP-Link Kasa devices, such as bulbs, plugs, and switches, into Hubitat. These devices must be first set up in the Kasa mobile app. These devices can then be added to Hubitat via this integration.


  1. Navigate to Apps, then select Add Built-In App.
  2. Select Kasa Integration from the list of built-in apps.


Most users will want to begin with Scan LAN for Kasa devices to add and follow the prompts to add any desired devices to Hubitat. For more information from the original developer, see the “?” icon in the upper-right corner of the app, or visit https://github.com/DaveGut/HubitatActive/blob/master/KasaDevices/README.md.

Migrating from Community App

As of platform 2.3.3, the Kasa integration is a built-in Hubitat app. Users of the previous community integration may continue using it as-is, or they may migrate to the built-in offering by selecting Migrate Kasa devices to built-in app at the bottom of the built-in Hubitat Kasa integration app. For new users, it is recommended to start with the built-in app.

You must use one or the other; both apps cannot be used at the same time.