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NOTE: Users with firmware 2.3.1 or later will no longer see this page. These settings have been moved to the Hub Details settings page instead.

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The Localization settings page is where you will set your geographic location, time zone, temperature scale, and time format (12- or 24-hour). This is one of the first pages you will see after setting up your hub.



To change your location, enter your postal code in the postal code field (A) and hit the tab key. This will auto populate the rest of your location information, including the sunset/sunrise times. You can pinpoint your exact location by moving the pin on the map or use the Satellite view in the upper left-hand corner of the map to give you a better visual for finding your home (B). The latitude and longitude coordinates will automatically change as you move the pin around. You can also enter your precise latitude and longitude as an alternate method to pinpoint your exact location (C).

  • NOTE: Latitude, longitude, and time zone are important for calculating correct sunrise and sunset times. These can be used in rules and other apps. The Hubitat mobile app allows you to configure a geofence, which can be different from (or the same as) this location if you prefer.

When you are satisfied with your settings, press the Update button (D) to save changes.

The Location tab of the "Location and Modes" page allows you to set your hub location by [A], your postal code, [B] by dragging the hub icon on a map, to its approximate location or [C] by entering the exact latitude and longitude of your hub's location. Press the "Update" button in the lower right when you are satisfied with your location settings.