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The Logs give you a picture of all the of activity happening in your hub. Every automation and any communication between your hub and your devices are recorded here. Watching your logs is one way to troubleshoot your devices to see if automations are firing and check for errors.

It is best to open your logs in a separate window so you can watch them while you work on the Hubitat Web Interface in a second window. Your logs start as a blank window, but data will begin to appear as your devices check in.

Let's take a look at a sample Logs page:


(A) As new devices or app shows up in your logs, it will also appear up here. Click on any device or app name up here and it will only display logs for that device/app. Click on All to see all of the logs again.

(B) This is the device or app ID number.

(C) The is the date/time the device or app registered an event

(D) This shows the type of event being logged. Info and debug are both normal. Any label that is red indicates a problem. Read our Log Troubleshooting article for more information.

(E) This tells you what event took place with the device or app.

(F) Use this button to clear your logs.