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How To Create A New Mode Lighting App

Mode Lighting apps work similar to Motion Lighting apps, but allow you to set lighting that is triggered by a light switch being turned on or a button being pushed, rather than motion sensors. You must select one or more switch to activate the lights under the Options for On. Typically, this will be one of the lights being controlled by Mode Lighting, but doesn't have to be.

  1. Open the Motion Lighting Apps and select Create New Mode Lighting App
  2. Name your Mode Lighting rule
  3. Click Lights to turn On to select lights you want controlled by this rule. The lighting options you can activate include:
    When you select your dimmers you will also be asked to set the level at which you want them set.
    Pushing a Button
    This will trigger whatever action you have set for the button in Buttons Controller, Rule Machine or other rule-building apps.
    Turning on a Switch
    This will turn on whatever light or appliance is activated by the switch.
  4. Once you have selected your lights, you must select which modes you want to activate these lights. You may select as many modes as you desire. If you want different lights to activate by different modes you will need to create multiple new motion lighting rules.
  5. If you want the option to turn these lights on outside of mode changes, select Options for lights on. Select the switches you want to use to turn on the lights and click done.
  6. Options for Off gives you two choices:
    Additional Switches to Turn Off
    Here you can select switches that you’d like turned off when the mode is triggered.
    Switches (or buttons) to activate off
    Select the switches or buttons you would like to use to immediately turn off your lights, overriding your mode lighting rule.
  7. Enter a name you wish to control these lights using Alexa. Select a name that is clear and easy for Alexa to understand.
  8. When you are satisfied with your Motion Lighting Rule, click Done.

Note: The Remove button will remove this entire rule from your app list.