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Thank you for purchasing Hubitat Elevation™. Before you can begin creating home automation that local, reliable, fast and private, you'll need to complete a few simple setup and registration steps.

Getting to know Hubitat Elevation™

C5 hub product shot hero.png

Your kit includeds the following:

  • The Hubitat Elevation hub with integrated Zigbee and Z-Wave radios to communicate with your devices
  • User manual
  • Micro USB cable
  • 5v power adapter
  • Ethernet cable
C5 hub what is included v2.png

Connect your hub

  1. Let's start by finding a location that is suitable for the best experience possible. Your new Hubitat Elevation™ hub uses Zigbee and Z-Wave technology to communicate with supported smart home devices. These radio signals can be blocked or weakened by building materials and large metal objects. For optimal performance, choose a location as close to the center of your home as possible, and free from metal obstructions. Note: Zigbee and Z-Wave use wireless mesh technology to relay the signal between devices. To further improve the performance, signal repeaters are strongly recommended. You should avoid using Zigbee lightbulbs to repeat signals, since their performance for that task is poor among anything but another lightbulb, which will result in an unstable Zigbee radio mesh for your other Zigbee devices. See the How to Build a Solid Zigbee Mesh and How to Build a Solid Z-Wave Mesh documents for further details.
  2. Insert the included Ethernet cable into your Hubitat Elevation™
    C5 hub Install Step 1.png
  3. The other end of the Ethernet cable plugs into an available LAN port on your personal router or modem/router combination device provided by your Internet Service Provider.
    C5 hub Install Step 2.png
  4. If there are no available Ethernet ports on your router, attach a network switch to your router and plug the other end of the included Ethernet cable into the network switch.
    C5 hub Install Step 3 Alternate.png
  5. Insert the included micro USB cable into your Hubitat Elevation™, connect the other end to the cable to the included power adapter and plug-in your hub to begin boot up. Note: The light on your hub will glow blue during boot up, and remain that way until the hub is registered. Once your hub has been registered, the light will glow blue during boot up, but will turn green when it is ready for operation.
    C5 hub Install Step 5.png

Reserve an IP address

  1. Setting up a static IP address on Hubitat Elevation™ is not possible, so it is recommended that you reserve an IP address for your hub in the DHCP reservation settings of your router. See your router manufacturer instructions to learn how. Reserving an IP address in your router will ensure you are always able to access your hub from the same IP address, and other connected devices on your network will be able to always find the hub.

Register Your Hub

  1. Visit* and sign in with one of the social media accounts listed. Alternatively, choose the Sign up link below the green Sign In button to create a username and password to sign in.
    HE Account Signup v2.png
    * Your computer must be on the same Local Area Network as your hub in order to register and access the Web Interface.
  2. The account location name you created should appear in the Hubitat Elevation™ List of the registration portal.
  3. Select the Register Hub button to link your hub to your account.
    Choose hub location from list.png
  4. Wait for registration to complete, and you will then be taken to the Get Started page. Hubitat Elevation get started 2.0.png
  5. Next you will be taken to the Terms of Service Page. You must check the box for the Continue button to appear.Agree to TOS screen 2.0.png
  6. Step through the tutorial to familiarize yourself with your new Hubitat Elevation™ user interface.
    Welcome to HE preview screen v2.1.png
    Devices discovery preview v2.1.png
    Apps registration preview v2.1.png
    Registration Settings preview v2.1.png
    Docs and support v2.1.png
  7. Give you hub a name by location or a custom name of your choosing, then enter your postal code. This will allow lights to activate at the correct sunrise and sunset times for your city or town. Select Save and Exit to Main Menu.
    Finalize Registration.png
  8. You will now be taken to the Hubitat Elevation™ Main Menu of your Web Interface. Be sure to note the IP address in your browser address bar. This is a fast way to access the Web Interface of your hub. For an even faster and more convenient connection to Hubitat Elevation™, we recommend bookmarking the hub address in your web browser.
    Hub IP and bookmark.png

Now that your hub is registered, you can begin adding devices and apps, setup modes and build rules with our included apps. See Discovering your Devices for details on how to add connected Zigbee and Z-Wave devices to your hub.