Release Notes 2.1.3

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Hubitat Elevation Platform update 2.1.3 is now available:

Please note, the process takes about a minute to download (depending on your Internet connection) and extract the hub update, and 1-2 minutes to perform the update after you click 'Update Hub'. We recommend that you periodically download a backup of your setup from the Settings page, Backup and Restore.

Changes from 2.1.2:

Platform Additions / Changes

  • Improvements to Z-Wave joining process when device joins but does not finish initializing.
  • Dashboard removed SMS send of menu, replaced by mobile apps and Portal Access

Drivers and Devices

  • New drivers:
    • Twilio Notification (see the post in the forum about SMS changes coming)
    • Virtual Color Temperature Light
    • RGBgenie Controller ZB-3026 (monochrome controller panel)
    • RGBgenie Controller ZB-5028 (color remote)
    • Fibaro RGBW Controller (replaces beta version)
    • Sengled Element Classic
  • New tested devices:
    • Neo Coolcam Light switch 1 (NAS-SC02ZU-1)
    • Neo Coolcam Light switch 2 (NAS-SC02ZU-2)
    • Sengled Smart Window and Door Sensor (E1D-G73WNA)

New App

  • Mirror and Mirror Me child
    • A simple app which sends all available switch, level and color commands from one master device to any number of slave devices.
    • This app was specifically designed for use with controllers that have color wheels and or slider type control surfaces.

New App Features

  • Rule-4.0:
    • Added Log action:  Writes a message to the Logs, for custom logging.
    • Added ability to use variables for all delays.  Use %var-name% in the seconds delay field.
    • Added Local Variables.  Local Variables are more efficient than Global Variables, but are not useful in Trigger or Wait events.  If a Local Variable has the same name as a Global Variable, the Local Variable is used (beware wrt Trigger/Wait event variables, which must be uniquely Global).  
    • Added Conditions and Events based on Last Event Device attribute values.
    • Added set Mode from variable.
    • Add timeouts for Wait for Events and Wait for Condition. Elapsed Time is being retired.  Details in the forum.
    • Restrictions are being retired.  Details in the forum.
    • Enhancements made to Time of Day condition to allow specific time in addition to ranges.
  • Amazon Echo Skill: Added support for contact and motion sensors.
  • Group: Optionally, don’t turn off lights that are already off, or turn on those that are on.
  • Motion Lighting: Added option to disable on/off by contact sensor open/closed.

Bug Fixes

  • Rule Machine:
    • Fixed bug with Wait for Event Elapsed Time.
    • Fixed bug with IF-THEN context.
    • Fixed bug with Manage Conditions for cloned rule.
    • Fixed to allow negative values for 3-axis attribute.
    • Fixed bug with Lock/Keypad codes as trigger throwing error in actions.
  • Schlage BE468/BE469 Lock, additional event decoding for BE469.
  • Lock Code Manager, Catch and log decryption failures.
  • Fixed group and virtual bulb driver incorrect colorMode issues.
  • Fixed duplicate event issue for Ecolink Contact Sensor 2.5 and Ecolink Garage Door Tilt Sensor 2.5.
  • Fixed Generic Z-Wave Shade Number Format Exception when opening.
  • Update Lutron Fan Controller events to match other fan controllers.
  • Zone Motion Controllers, fix incorrect false motion with long activation windows.
  • Fixed Alexa “Device is not responding” response in some cases.
  • Genereic Z-Wave Contact Sensor fixed double events for the following devices:
    • Ecolink Contact Sensor 2.5
    • Ecolink Garage Door Tilt Sensor 2.5
    • HomeSeer Contact Sensor