Release Notes 2.3.1

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Hubitat Elevation Platform update 2.3.1 is now available:

Please note, the process takes about a minute to download (depending on your Internet connection) and extract the hub update, and 1-2 minutes to perform the update after you click 'Update Hub'. We recommend that you periodically download a backup of your setup from the Settings page, Backup and Restore.

Changes from 2.3.0

New Drivers
  • Centralite Zigbee Dimmer (spectrum) Spectrum edition HA Dimmer Switch 3385001-ZHA
  • Lutron fan control driver (no level commands)
  • Aeotec Panic Button (DSA38)
  • Zooz Zen51 Dry Contact Relay
  • Zooz Zen52 Double Relay
  • Zooz 4-in-1 Sensor New
  • Heatit Z-Water
  • Heatit ZM Single Relay
  • Heatit ZM Thermostat
  • LIFX 4-Gang Switch
  • Lutron Shade (no level or switch commands)
  • Monoprice 6 Zone Audio Controller
  • Generic Component Audio Zone
  • Global Connect Relay Module [Global Cache GCRL3A]
  • Generic Component Sound Sensor
  • Generic Component Presence Sensor
  • Global Connect IR Module [Global Cache GCIR3]
  • Inovelli Z-Wave Red Scene Dimmer (replacement of "Inovelli Z-Wave Smart Scene Dimmer S2")
New Compatible Devices
  • Ikea ASKVADER Outlet strip using Ikea TRADFRI control outlet
  • Ring Outdoor Contact Sensor using Ring Alarm Contact Sensor G2 driver
  • Candeo rotary dimmer using Generic Zigbee Dimmer
  • KAIPULE Ceiling-Mounted Motion Sensor using BeSense Motion Sensor driver
  • Tuya, Blitzwolf and Third Reality water sensors using Generic Zigbee Moisture Sensor (no temp)
  • Visonic Glass Break Detector using Generic Zigbee Glass Break Sensor
  • ESTTECH EST-LED-GH001 grow light using Advanced Zigbee Bulb
New Driver Features
  • Add double Tapped event to Lutron Pico Driver
  • Centralite Keypad, enable motion events
  • Add position change commands to Generic Z-Wave Shade driver
  • Add turn on transition time preference to Caseta/RA2 Lutron Dimmer driver
  • Add option to disable battery reporting for line powered Zigbee valves
  • Added missing battery capability for Generic Z-Wave Shade driver.
  • Add change level capability to Nanoleaf Aurora driver
  • Added ChangeLevel capability to LIFX Color, LIFX CT, LIFX White, LIFX Color Legacy drivers.
  • Pushover: Added preference option for Emergency.
New App Features
  • Rule 5.1: Added “sticky” triggers, to trigger when a device state persists for selected period, and several other new features (see this post).
  • Rule Machine: Added ability to import a Basic Rule or Simple Automation Rule to create new equivalent Rule 5.1 (see this post).
  • Scene-1.2: Added option to pre-capture Scene devices before Scene activation, and restore when activator device turned off.
  • Hubitat® Safety Monitor/HSM Custom Rule:
    • Added option to turn off switches upon alert.
    • Added support for gas detectors.
  • Thermostat Controller: Added option to use thermostat mode:off to induce idle operating state in controlled thermostat, as alternative to changing the setpoint.
  • Basic Rule:
    • Added set thermostat mode and thermostat fan mode
    • Added Control Music Player
    • Added Control Hubitat® Safety Monitor
    • Added option to allow a restricted rule to continue to run when restriction occurs after the rule has been triggered (see this post).
  • Simple Automation Rule: Added option to allow a restricted rule to continue to run when restriction occurs after the rule has been triggered (see this post).
  • Motion Lighting: added option to use contact sensors in addition to motion sensors to trigger.
  • COLOR picker added to all apps that allow color selection.
  • Scene In-Use-By now visible on device page for Scene Activator device, for Motion Lighting, Rule 5.1, and Scene Transition.
  • All apps with time inputs now have Erase Time button to remove a time setting; was missing for mobile browsers, now easier for desktop.
  • Rule 5.1 has some new trigger optimizations. To take advantage of these, open your Rule 5.1 rules and hit Done.
  • Scene In-Use-By now visible on device page for Scene Activator device, for Motion Lighting, Rule 5.1, and Scene Transition.
Bug Fixes
  • Thermostat Controller: Fixed startup “null Controller” bug.
  • Motion Lighting:
    • Fixed bug with ‘Do turn on all even if any already on’.
    • Fixed bugs with options involving multiple contact sensors.
  • Rule 5.1/Button Rule 5.1:
    • Fixed Set Color Temperature per Mode bugs with level and fade.
    • Fixed mistaken options for Simple Conditional Action (Repeat While Expression and Wait for Expression).
    • Fixed missing date option for Certain Time sunset/sunrise.
    • Fixed bug with selecting Wait for Event after Wait for Expression.
    • Fixed bug that prevents using a string variable for a local file name.
    • Fixed bug setting Thermostat Scheduler mode based temperatures.
    • Fixed bug setting multiple DateTime variables.
    • Fixed bug with close valve.
    • Fixed a bug with timeout on Wait for Expression, where the timeout threw an error.
    • Fixed not setting In Use By correctly for variables used in %variable-name%.
    • Fixed paste of Simple Conditional action.
    • Fixed issue of Set Private Boolean for **This Rule** for clone and copy/paste to another rule.
    • Fixed bug with relative-to-device comparison in trigger.
  • All fan control drivers: Populate missing supported fan speed event.
  • Mirror, Lock Mirror: Fix failed lock notification including all locks rather than just the failed lock.
  • Pioneer AVR driver: Fix reversed mute status event.
  • Fixed issue with apostrophe in app name for export.
  • Fixed issue with Ignore Off option in Scene, if changed back.
  • Fixed LIFX SetExtendedColorZones command.
  • Fixed switch reporting not working for Sinope switch and dimmer drivers.
  • Zooz Zen77,Zen74,Zen72 handle basic report.
  • Fixed bugs in Thermostat Scheduler with setting mode temperatures or variable times from RM.
  • Lutron Thermostat driver: Fixed bug with setHeatingSetpoint where it threw an error.
  • Generic ZigBee Lock, fix duplicate events for Kwikset locks.
  • Fixed configuration input error on Zooz ZSE44
  • Nanoleaf Aurora driver:
    • Fix duplicate text in description text
    • Prevent setLevel 0 event
  • RGBgenie Controller ZB-3009/10, add missing numberOfButtons event.
  • Fixed Turn on Indicator configuration on Leviton DZ6HD Z-Wave Dimmer driver.
Platform Changes
  • C7: Optional Z-Wave firmware update to 7.17.1.
  • New getting started workflow.
  • Logs page shows pending hub actions, and apps/drivers generating excessive hub actions are marked in the logs.
  • New Setting option allows swapping one device for another.
  • Groovy version updated from 2.4.19 to 2.4.21.
  • Added /hub/advanced/databaseAlertThreshold and /hub/advanced/databaseAlertThreshold/123 endpoint to view and update database size alert threshold, respectively.
  • Hub's IP address is no longer permanently cached in the UI.
  • All app/device searches are now case insensitive.
  • Better rendering of Log page tabs on smaller devices.
  • Updated confirmation dialog on database restore.
  • New color pick up for setColor on device page.
  • Minor IFTTT update for future service update.
  • Added roomName to DeviceWrapper.
  • Long app labels are trimmed instead of throwing an exception.
  • Enables multiple destinations for HubAction with type LAN_TYPE_UDPCLIENT.
  • Reduced default state and event history size to 11 entries and max event/state age to 31 days.
  • Reduced hub mesh reconnect interval (when no other hubs are detected) from 5 minutes to 2 minutes.