Release Notes 2.3.2

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Please note, the process takes about a minute to download (depending on your Internet connection) and extract the hub update, and 1-2 minutes to perform the update after you select Update Hub. We recommend that you periodically download a backup of your setup from the Settings page, Backup and Restore.

Changes from 2.3.1

Drivers and Devices

New Drivers

  • Philips wall switch module (RDM001)
  • Third Reality Smart Button (3RSB22BZ)
  • Third Reality Switch (3RSS009Z)
  • Sinope DM2550ZB Dimmer
  • Lutron SeeTouch Keypad
  • Lutron Component Switch (used by Keypad above)
  • Philio PST02 driver
  • Bond Bridge
  • Generic Component Fan Light Control
  • Generic Component Window Shade

New Compatible Devices

  • EVVR smart relay using Generic Zigbee switch
  • Third Reality door sensor (3RDS17BZ) Generic Zigbee Contact Sensor (no temp)
  • Third Reality Smart Plug (3RSP019BZ) using Generic Zigbee Outlet
  • Third Reality motion sensor (3RMS16BZ) using Generic Zigbee Motion Sensor (no temp)
  • Third Reality Temp Humidity Sensor using Generic Zigbee Temperature/Humidity Sensor
  • Third Reality Smart Blind (3RSB015BZ) using Generic Zigbee Shade
  • Philips Hue indoor motion gen2 u sing Hue Motion Sensor

New Driver Features

  • Lutron Thermostat: Added schedule and sensor attributes (build 127 and later)
  • Added presetColor and presetColorTemperature commands to Inovelli and LIFX bulb drivers (build 127 and later)
  • Lutron Dimmer: Added Preference option for GE QS device monitoring reports (build 135 and later)


New Apps

  • Room Lighting -- Comprehensive Lighting app. See this post in the forums.
  • Bond Integration -- Includes Bond's push API for instant state updates with no polling.

New App Features

  • Rule 5.1: Added setting %device% to variable name of variable trigger.

Bug Fixes

  • Rule 5.1:
    • Fixed Custom RGB with Variable.
    • Fixed validity check for Custom RGB value.
    • Fixed UI break for **Any Value** with Custom Attribute trigger.
    • Fixed Paste Action for Simple Conditional actions and Wait for Events.
    • Fixed variable change when used in Cron string getting rescheduled.
    • Fixed All choice for presence triggers.
    • Fixed choices for Power Source.
    • Fixed Set Variable to sensor value with decimal values.
    • Fixed variable comparison values disappearing when the selected variable is changed.
    • Fix Boolean variable comparisons.
    • Fixed Change ColorTemperature over time.
    • Fixed UI bug where Required Expression conditions were offered for Simple Conditional pre-defined conditions.
    • Fixed UI bug where “cond” showed as available condition for IF-THEN action.
    • Fixed bug with Presence triggers where with multiple devices, it would trigger on the wrong value.
    • Fixed bug with HSM Status in Required Expression not detecting a change of status.
    • Fixed bug with Delay Per Mode that caused rule to stop running.
    • Fixed Wait for Events with all devices selected.
    • Fixed import of Basic Rule with action of Control HSM.
    • Fixed Wait for Events with Stays and Certain Time.
    • Fixed Choose Button Per Mode.
  • Hub Variables: Now allows dates with years from 1900 instead of rejecting 1943.
  • All apps that offer time options: Fixed issues with sunrise/sunset settings for north of Arctic Circle.
  • Mode Manager:
    • Fixed problems with days of week settings.
    • Fixed bug with earlier/later of two times.
  • Button Rule- 5.0: Fixed refresh loop with Pause Rule action.
  • Sonos Player: Fixed speak error when passed null as volume argument.
  • Fixed Zooz ZSE32 digital button controls
  • Fixed Zooz ZSE34 digital button controls
  • Fixed Aeon motor controller invalid use of switchBinary
  • Fixed missing position event in Qubino shutter module
  • Simple Automation Rule: Fixed bug with On/Off Optimization option.

Platform Changes

  • Updated hub mesh (Settings > Hub Mesh) and file manager (Settings > File Manager) pages.
  • Hub variables can now be shared and synchronized over hub mesh.
  • Add device, version update, and file manager pages updated.
  • Improvements to Zigbee and Z-Wave outbound serial command processing when multiple commands are sent to a large number of devices in one Rule or Automation (requires Z-Wave firmware update to 7.17.1) . Metering should no longer be required in properly functioning networks.
  • Added Z-Wave Exclusion back to Z-Wave Details page.
  • Added functions convertTemperatureToGenericColorName(int temp) and convertHueToGenericColorName(int hue, int sat) to get generic color names.
  • Added an option to stop and restart firmware update.
  • Added a "source hub" column for hub variables, visible only when there are hub mesh linked variables.
  • Added multiple DNS servers (by default) for the static IP option in Network settings.
  • Added atomicState.updateMapValue(Object stateKey, Object key, Object value) for apps. This method is a shortcut for getting a Map from atomicState, updating a value inside that map, and setting it back.
  • Added a direct link to device's past logs to device detail page.
  • Updated Network test page.
  • Added offerAll option (true/false) for application inputs with type = enum.
  • Added hub name to the menu bottom in mobile view.
  • Hub name in the right top corner (desktop view) and at the menu bottom (mobile view) are linked to hub details page.
  • Version update notes are now a link to the community instead of embedded text (as of hotfix build 126)
  • Added java.time.temporal.TemporalAdjusters to allowed classes (as of hotfix build 128)
  • Improved scrolling implementation on apps and devices pages (as of hotfix build 130)
  • Added app string setting hubitatQueryString with parsed query string (as of hotfix build 130)