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The Settings Page contains valuable hub information and links to change settings and safely reboot your hub.

HE Web Interface Setting Page v3.png

Hub Details (A) - Contains detail information about the current platform version level installed on your hub

  • Hubitat Elevation® Platform Version - shows the current platform version level installed on your hub.
  • IP and MAC Address - The dynamically assigned IP address by your router (Use of the MAC address to reserve a specific IP address in your router is recommended for stable operation. See your router manufacturer instructions for details on how to do this).
  • Current Hub Time - The hub automatically synchronizes its clock with every refresh. You may manually synchronizes the clock with update time from browser time button.
  • Default Text To Speech Voice - You can change the default text to speech voice using the dropdown menu.

Hub Login Security (B) - Setup and configure an account for the local admin UI.

Location and Modes (C) - is where you will set your geographic location, time zone, temperature scale and create your modes.

Z-Wave Details (D) - Exclude Z-Wave devices, run Z-Wave Repair, enable/disable the Z-Wave radio, and see a list of devices

Zigbee Details (E) - Check the Zigbee Network State, change the Zigbee channel and see a list of devices

Check for Updates (F) - Check for, download and install platform updates

File Manager (G) - Allows you to upload local files for use with apps on your hub.

Reboot Hub (H) - Choose to safely reboot your hub

Shutdown Hub (I) - Select to safely shut down your hub

Backup and Restore (J) - Restore or archive the automated daily hub backups, manually download a full backup of the current hub settings and database, or upload a backup to restore your hub to a previous state.

Hub Registration (K) - Select to see the registered users for your hub and their role (Admin or User)

Hub Mesh (L) - When two or more Hubitat Elevation® hubs run on the same local network, you can seamlessly share and use devices in automations between multiple hubs.

Networking (M) - Allows you to specify a Static IP address for the hub and add a compatible WiFi dongle - NOTE: WiFi dongles are not included with Hubitat Elevation®.