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The Settings > Swap Apps Device page allows you to replace references to one device in all apps with references to another device. The most common use is to replace a defective device with a newly paired device in all apps without needing to manually remove the old selection and re-select the new device in all apps that reference the original device.

Notes and Tips

  • Parent/child devices are not able to be used with Swap Apps Device. If you do not see a certain device in the list, this is probably why (inelgibile devices will not be displayed in the list).
  • It is recommended that the "new" device not be in use by any apps yet (these will not remain associated with the new device; they will be swapped to the "old" device)
  • Both devices should have identical or at least similar capabilities, or the new device may not work correctly in apps (e.g., if you replace a dimmer with a switch, apps that try to set level on the device may fail, as plain switches do not support the Set Level command)