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Managing your Z-Wave devices properly is very important to maintaining a solid Z-Wave mesh network. Much of that management is done here on the Z-Wave Information page. Be sure to read our Z-Wave mesh article for tips on building a robust and resilient Z-Wave network. Hubitat is a Security Enabled Z-Wave Plus Product.

Zwave information.png

Z-Wave Information

  • Z-Wave Exclude (A) - Click here if you need to remove a Z-Wave device. You MUST run this exclude process to remove the device from your system to prevent errors and allow the device to be used on a different hub.
  • Repair Z-Wave (B) - Click here whenever you add a new Z-Wave device to improve the strength of your Z-Wave mesh.
  • Z-Wave Status (C) - Use the drop-down menu to enable or disable the Z-Wave radio. When you have selected the status you want, click update.

Z-Wave Radio Devices (D)

Here you will see a list of your Z-Wave devices with information about them. Clusters indicates the routes used to send the Z-Wave signal to the hub. You can also see the date/time that a signal was last sent to the device (E) and when the last signal was received from the device (F).