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The Z-Wave poller app corrects a polling issue with certain Z-Wave devices that do not display their state properly, but the issue only affects certain non Z-Wave Plus devices. Older GE dimmers and switches are well known to have this problem when activated manually. If your GE devices pairs as "Generic Z-Wave Dimmer" or "Generic Z-Wave Switch" it is a candidate for needing Z-Wave Poller. Z-Wave Poller only works with devices that pair with these two drivers. To verify that your Z-Wave device is a candidate for Z-Wave poller, active your device manually, and watch the logs to see if the device does NOT register a change of state in the logs. If it doesn't, then it is a candidate for Z-Wave Poller, but if does register a change in the logs, you should not use the Z-Wave Poller app with it.

Installing the Z-Wave Poller app

  1. From the Hubitat Web Interface select Apps
    Install Built-In App 2.0.png
  2. Choose Z-Wave Poller from the list of Hubitat Elevation™ Built-In Apps
    Install Z-Wave Poller.png

Choose non Z-Wave Plus devices that require polling

  1. Use the Select Dimmers to Poll dropdown menu to choose the Z-Wave dimmers you would like to poll, then choose Update.
  2. Use the Select Switches to Poll dropdown menu to choose the Z-Wave switches you would like to poll, then choose Update.
  3. When your devices are selected, select Start polling for selected devices.
    Z-Wave Poller setup.png
  4. You can pause Z-Wave polling at any time by opening the app and choosing either Stop polling for selected devices or Stop All Poling.
    Stop Z-Wave Poller.png
  5. To assist with troubleshooting, you can also turn on Enable Logging
  6. When you are finished, select Done.